Hi, I'm Britt.

After a few years working in digital media, I wanted to create something that was actually tangible. I wanted to produce something that I could hold in my hand and say 'hey! look! I made this!.' After a private lesson on letterpress printing in 2013, I became full-fledged obsessed, enrolling in OTIS College of Art and Design to master the craft.



Letterpress printing is old. And I mean, puts-a-typewriter-to-shame old. While the OG print method was a form of inking rigorously hand-placed moveable type, most modern letterpress printers use polymer plates. It doesn't really get more handmade than letterpress. Each piece of cotton paper is hand fed through the press, printed with custom hand mixed ink, and individually inspected. Nothing compares to the tactile beauty of a letterpress piece. When you buy a letterpress item, know you are buying a truly individual piece of artwork.



Swell Press is housed on a quiet street in Manhattan Beach, California a few blocks away from the ocean. In 2014 I welcomed a 1966 Vandercook SP15 press into the studio, named Cupcake after a dwarf pony I fell in love with. Shortly after, life was made exponentially easier when a century-old Challenge Machinery guillotine paper cutter was added into the mix. The cutter, named Ser Gregor Clegane NOT after a pony but rather for its 900lb weight and appetite for destruction, slices through parent sheets of paper like a warm knife through butter.

All of my work is printed on 100% tree-free cotton paper. I use natural, vegetable-based products to clean my press and print with rubber-based low VOC inks.

Please contact me at hello@swellpresspaper.com with any inquiries. No project is too big or small.



If you want really esoteric sports & pop culture -themed shirts that I mostly don't understand, check out Coast To Coast Tees, my main squeeze's labor of love.