IG Live Sesh: 8/23 Show Notes

Thanks again for everyone who tuned in to our weekly Live session!

As promised, here are the resources that I mentioned:

Paper - Savoy and Lettra from Keldon Paper. Tell Christina you're a friend of Swell Press.

Colored Envelopes- Cards and Pockets or Soho Paper / Paper Presentation

Packaging Tape- Sticker Mule*

Letterpress Plates- Crown Flexo - I use 95 Gauge plates which capture finer details and lines due to CF's straight to plate laser engraving. Tell them you're a friend of Swell Press.

Helpful blogs with press tips, listings, and general knowledge: Paul Moxon's Vanderblog, Briar Press, and Boxcar Press. Everything I've learned from letterpress has mostly been self-taught through trial and error, or scouring resources like blogs. There are no shortcuts. (well, maybe one)

Favorite organic calligraphy font: Rare Birds Specimen II*

Other great resource for calligraphy fonts, vectors, graphics, you name it- Creative Market*

And last, but certainly not least- THESE words by Ira Glass. Hopefully they'll transform your outlook as much as they did mine. 


* the links provided are affiliate links. While we're not (traditionally) compensated for any of the information, links, or vendors we disclose during our live session, we appreciate you letting them know that we sent you- it never hurts. We do get some kind of discount or coupon code when you click the links marked with an *, though- so please use them! I wouldn't share anything I'm not a fan of or anything we don't use ourselves in the studio. Consider everything shared to be tried and tested.


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