IG Live 2/7/19 | Show Notes

Thank you for everyone that tuned in to tonight’s Live Session! As I mentioned, Live sessions are the best way for me to address questions (vs DMs) so everyone can benefit from the answers.

Here are the resources from tonight’s session:

Dubsado- this is the CRM tool we use this for all client invoicing and contracts. It has been a game changer. If you’d like to give it a try, please do so via THIS link.

Contracts- We use the Contract Shop’s stationery agreement. Take it from someone who has learned the hard way- it is NEVER to early in your career to make sure someone has a contract. Sometimes the clients that you least expect to skip out on a final bill are the very ones that do so. This way, you are protected not only financially, but also from a IP perspective. Make sure no one can sell a design you made for them, repurpose it for other events, or even go crazy with that wedding logo without your permission. We’ve loaded our stationery contract into Dubsado, so it’s easy for new clients to e-sign.

Crown Flexo Graphics- CrownFlexo makes all of my letterpress plates. The huge benefit to CrownFlexo is that they ship out the same day as long as you get the file to them before 2pm PST.

Paper- I buy my parent sheets from Keldon Paper. They keep a good stock of Lettra and Savoy, and have great pricing.

Starting out- if you’re just starting to press and want to do it as a hobby (stationery for yourself, friends, family), a tabletop Adana or Kelsey should be fine. If you want to learn and the goal is to print stationery and wedding invitations, a Platen press is the way to go. It has a lower point of entry (ranging from $750 - $3,000 ish) and are much more common than Vandercooks, which can cost between $9,000 and $15,000. This diagram is pretty helpful. Places to search for presses: Ebay, Craigslist, Briar Press.

How did I get started? this is probably the question I’m most frequently asked. I’d suggest listening to the below podcasts so you can get a better sense of what it was like to leave a solid career to turn my passion project into a business.


Creative Empire Podcast: We covered everything from taking Swell Press from a garage passion project / side hustle to a full-time business, where I get my inspiration, to staying true to yourself and playing on your strengths. Listen here!

Positively Creative Podcast: Click here to listen in iTunes, and here to listen online- let me know what you think!

Letterpress Digest Podcast- this episode gets a little more into the technical speak and materials jargon, which would be beneficial if you’re trying to start pressing.

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