Maison La Roux Business Cards

Sage and navy ink. Hand-painted watercolor accents. A carefully-crafted brand identity (by the Identité Collective) displayed ever so beautifully on luxuriously thick paper. These babies turned out so gorgeous, we didn't want to see them go.


This project was a labor of love involving many steps and combining different techniques, so we thought we'd give you a behind the scenes look at the Swell Press process. Typically when we we watercolor, we paint prior to printing- that way the letterpress ink sits nicely atop the watercolor. In this instance, we wanted the watercolor to be perfectly placed beneath the main logo- so we first printed the main logo in sage ink, then watercolored accordingly, and once the cards were dry we printed the second ink color which sat atop the watercolor paint for a nice finished look. We believe it's our attention to these smaller details that sets Swell Press apart from others.