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Assembling Your Suite



Envelope liners: 

To assemble your envelopes and liners, insert the liner into the envelope up to the gummed strip (not all the way to the bottom of the envelope!). Next, fold the envelope flap closed (to crease the liner). Lift the envelope flap, keeping the liner folded, and apply the adhesive just inside the gummed strip of the envelope, OR to the liner itself. We suggest trying both ways, and doing whatever feels most comfortable. Our favorite tool for this is this adhesive dot roller (depending on the size of your suite, you'll need anywhere from 1 to 3 rollers, a 4 pack is the most economical). Then, fold the envelope flap back down onto the liner and press firmly to attach the adhesive. 


Belly bands: 

To assembly the belly bands around the suite, we recommend wrapping the bellyband around the invitation / largest component only. This way, you’ll get a more snug fit when everything else is placed inside. Center the belly band on top of the suite. Fold one end of the belly band around the suite and place a glue dot on the end. Wrap the other end of the belly band around the suite and adhere to the end with the glue dot. Now, insert the other insert cards under the bellyband, with all cards facing up (we often place them in reverse size order, from the largest piece on the bottom to the smallest on top). Finally, slip your completed suite into the envelope (after it has been addressed and stamped) with the top card facing up. Know that most likely contents within the suite will shift during shipment, so often arranging the cards at the bottom of the envelope is best. 


Sealing envelopes:

You don't have to lick all the envelopes- we love these to seal them. A note that different envelopes require a different amount of moisture to ensure a secure seal. Specially ordered colored envelopes are specifically finicky, as the adhesive types vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. We suggest testing out a few different moisture amounts when sealing envelopes, letting them sit overnight, and testing the seal once fully dried.




Postage 411:

Stamps for standard-sized, rectangular envelopes start at $0.55 (with a minimum size of 3.5 in x 5 in and a maximum size of 6.125 in x 11.5 in on any dimension). Square shaped envelopes start at $0.70, and large envelopes (with a height over 6.125 in) begin at $1.00.

Envelopes weighing less than one ounce require $0.55 in postage, envelopes between one and two ounces require $0.70, and envelopes between two and three ounces need $0.85 (plus the $0.15 non-machinable surcharge as required). Keep in mind that the additional postage costs compound- so if you are shipping a square envelope that is over an ounce, you’ll need $0.50 postage, + $0.15 (square envelope fee) + $0.15 (additional ounce fee). 

Postage prices: 

$0.55         less than one ounce

$0.70        between one and two ounces

$0.85        between two and three ounces

+$0.15        non-machineable surcharge for square, rigid, or larger envelopes

Oversized envelopes / letters are considered any envelope that has a side that measures over 6.125 inches. Chances are, if you have a square wedding invitation, it is at a minimum 6.25 inches in dimension so you’ll need $1.30 in postage.

Some post offices have different opinions on what is considered as requiring a surcharge. We always recommend taking a stuffed envelope to your local post office to confirm the postage required before mailing your Save the Dates or invitations. For our clients choosing custom assembly including postage and mailing, we will automatically bring your invitation to the post office for the postage rate to be verified. Knowing that some surcharge opinions are subjective, Swell Press is not liable for any mis-delivery or returns to sender if the information given at our local post office does not apply to all post offices. 

In general, A6 size Save the Dates are often $0.55 to mail, while square Save the Dates are $0.70. Invitation suites can be either $0.70 or $0.85, depending on the weight and / or if the postal worker determines that the envelope is too rigid to be machine-canceled and must be hand canceled. Oversized or thicker invitation suites most likely cost $1.30 to mail, and any envelope over a certain thickness will be considered a parcel. 


Postage sources: 

Stamps are available on, and custom postage stamps are available through Minted in $0.55 or $0.70 options. 

If you’re interested in exploring vintage stamp options on your own without Swell Press coordination, we recommend Little Postage House . We also recommend reaching out to the shop owner Loly directly, letting her know how much postage you need and your overall aesthetic (a mock up of the suite works perfectly for this!). From there, Loly can send you options and pricing.