2 Day Intensive Letterpress Crash Course

2 Day Intensive Letterpress Crash Course


Cost is for instruction, guidance, press rental, and shop fees only. Plates, paper, and envelopes will be priced separately based on your selected project.

Don't have time to spend a few semesters at art school learning how to press? No prob. Spend a couple days at Swell Press for a crash course in everything letterpress. We'll cover everything from our beginner + intermediate classes, as well as guide you through your printing project. This would be a great fit for a bride / groom who dreams of designing + printing their own invitations, a designer who wants to letterpress their branding elements, a calligrapher who wants to print a line of greeting cards... we could go on.

Price assumes plate-ready design provided.  Design is an additional fee.

Please contact us to schedule, discuss your design, etc. Plates take about a week to arrive, please keep that in mind.



No refunds or cancellations, rescheduling accepted with 48 hour notice.



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