Private Letterpress Lesson: Intro to Letterpress Basics

Private Letterpress Lesson: Intro to Letterpress Basics


**Update** Our classes are currently on hold as we transition into our new studio location.

In this 2 hour course we will cover the basics of letterpress printing on one of our restored Vandercooks, from mixing ink, registering your plate, printing, and cutting to final size. You'll leave with 50 of your hand-made letterpressed flat or folded cards and envelopes. This cost includes your choice of templated stationery (options shown). Do you want to print your own design? Send us the artwork and we will take care of the rest, for the cost of the plate (around $50 for a one color piece). Do you want to print multiple colors, or have a specific project in mind? Email us the artwork beforehand and we'll send you an estimate.

Lessons are typically offered the first Friday of every month, and the second Saturday of every month. We only open up a certain number of spots per month, so if the classes are sold out, that means all of the classes for that month have been allotted.

Please use our scheduler below to book your time slot after purchasing a lesson. If you do not see a desired time slot available, please include 3 possible dates and times in your order notes. Time slots booked without a purchase will not be honored. We have reserved your time with a 15 minute grace period on arrival and departure time. Do not be late- multiple appointments are set up daily, back to back, so if you are late that time will be deducted from your lesson.

Prices for additional options, charged at the studio:

Name (first + last) in calligraphy by Nicole Miyuki: $45 + $50 Plate Purchase

Provide your own one color design: $50 Plate Purchase (you can keep the plate!)

Additional Person (max 3 people per lesson): $250 for each additional person, includes additional hour per person.

Upgrade to 220lb Paper: $39

Additional Ink Color (A2 stationery only): additional plate cost ($50) + 1 hour of press time (charged at the supervised press time rate of $65 / hour).

Edge Painting: this is not done during the lesson- they'll be shipped to you within a week. Cost is $100 for stock colors + the cost of shipping.


No refunds or cancellations, rescheduling accepted with 48 hour notice.


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